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'Why do I care how we do payments?', is a question often heard from Product Managers. The answer to that question is simple; making and distributing payments is the crux of the business relationship. The ease, or unease, your users experience with your payment process will determine if your over all product is a delightful one - or not. Yet, often the focus is placed too much on physical product or service without consideration for the payment experience.

It is often when products increase in scale that the lack of focus on payment processing becomes the most apparent - and troublesome.

With payment processing playing such a vital role in your product's success, the choice of your company's partner is very important. Transcard's mission is to provide innovative payment solutions that reduce your regulatory, time, and cost burdens while delighting your payees by letting them do business how they want to. Transcard Open API's flexible integration makes adding a robust payment system quick and easy - taking the confusion and headache out of payments.