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Open API Platform

Many times advances in information technology have not translated well into the bottom line. Increasing development costs, compliance costs, hardware and depreciation at times leave the executive frustrated about progress and innovative competition. Many times projects that involve IT deveopment can seem to linger for months, going over budget and over time. Transcard's Open API Platform seeks to use up front information and transparency about the systems and products to reduce this drain.

With sections specifically geared toward Business Development and Software Development, we encourage business leadership to have all departments involved in their next project come to the Open API Platform Website and see how easy and quickly they can integrate into the platform and start growing the business.

Platform Information
  • Category: SaaS
  • IP Proprietary
  • Company: Transcard Payments, LLC.
  • Maturity: Version 4.0
  • References: Call for a list
  • Define
  • Solve
  • Result

Open API Platforms are enabling business to connect to customers and clients in more ways than ever before. Gone are the days of rigid, inflexible integration points that do nothing or at least very little to add to the bottom line. Transcard's Open API Platform was designed with a singular purpose: Allow business to take the confusion and headache out of payments, and replace it with value adds that extend the company's reach.

  • No API count limit
  • Fast, Secure Connections
  • PCI Level 1 Certified
  • Friendly, Experienced Staff
  • Multiple Real Time Payment Methods
  • Proven Business Partner
  • Business Intelligence Reporting

Our dedicated sales team will work with your organization to determine your specific needs. We will walk your team through the entire process, and make sure you are comfortable with the solution. Once your project is defined and clear, concise pricing agreed upon, your account will be handed off to a dedicated Account Manager that will stay with you through the process and beyond

Should your organization need technical help, Transcard will work with your team on best practices, and be available for questions during the integration period. Should it be required, Transcard can also assign an IT speialist to the team to stay on the project until it is completed.


After go live, Transcard through our dedicated Account Management team, will continue to work with your team to ensure that the goals you initially identified are met or exceeded.

To truly know if your business goals are being met, use our Microsoft Power BI reporting platform to do trending and analytics regarding your payment programs. You can also take advantage of TransCast, our real time notification platform so you can keep up in real time with all facets of your program.