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The Transcard Open API Platform is changing the game.

Every client's needs are different, so building a comprehensive and adaptive platform is a must.

  • Healthcare
  • Real Estate
  • Insurance
  • Online Wallet


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Idea Factory

With nearly unlimited possibilities, see just a few of the functions available for the Transcard Open API Platform.

Be Confident

Use a function to create an FDIC insured sub GL account, or simply create a virtual GL account to keep up with your needs.

Be flexible

When you make a payment to your customer's account, the customer chooses how to get the money. Some options include ACH, Check, Mastercard Send, Zelle, RTP, and physical as well as virtual cards.

Be Fast

Transcard's Open API Platform utilizes REST based API functions, that return results at blistering speed.

Solve Problems

With a wide array of published functions, Transcard's Open API Platform can fulfill your needs in a simple, flexible environment. Our Payment Experts will work with your team to design the best solution for your needs.

Solve Compliance

Transcard's Account Managers will work directly with you to make sure your payments and methods are up to date with the most recent compliance guidelines.

Solve Questions

Utilize the exhaustive number of functions to ask key questions about how money is spent and managed, including workflows to handle multi party endorsements.